My name is Mikki Sixx...but you can just refer to me as your "Ultimate Demise." I specialize in fucking you mentally, and once I've succeeded there, I'll fuck you financially.

One look at My sweet, innocent face, and you'll trust that I could NEVER do anything to hurt you. Gaze over My huge tits and your dick will swell. And once that happens, that's where I've got you.

Blue balls equate to a fuzzy mind, so easy to manipulate and control.  What are you waiting for? Just buy a clip or two...after all, what could it hurt?

Interactive Blackmail: This is No Game

  • Interactive Blackmail: This is No Game

    Before sitting down to play, you need to have a new email composed to We're going to play a fun little game. I know the mere mention of the word blackmail leaving My lips makes you wanna jerk. But I didn't give you permission. However, I have an arrangement. I'll give you a few jerks for every piece of information you provide Me. I'll give you LOTS of encouragement. Don't worry, I'd never REALLY hurt you. Be warned: this is REAL blackmail. If you are too chickensh it to go through with this, then do NOT buy this clip.

    Video Info

    • Price: $6.99
    • Filesize: 261.4 MB
    • Length: 10:45
    • Created: 6/25/12
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Humiliation

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