My name is Mikki Sixx...but you can just refer to me as your "Ultimate Demise." I specialize in fucking you mentally, and once I've succeeded there, I'll fuck you financially.

One look at My sweet, innocent face, and you'll trust that I could NEVER do anything to hurt you. Gaze over My huge tits and your dick will swell. And once that happens, that's where I've got you.

Blue balls equate to a fuzzy mind, so easy to manipulate and control.  What are you waiting for? Just buy a clip or two...after all, what could it hurt?

I Hate Poor People

  • I Hate Poor People

    We're supposed to feel sorry for people that can't keep food on the table or clothe their f@milies. Our heart strings are to be tugged at when we walk down the street and see some dirty, unkempt person asking for money with shame in their eyes. In my opinion, there is NO reason anyone has to be struggling. All the poor people of the world are looking for a handout. They can't find a job? Guess what! If they can suck a dick, they can make money. So stop being disgusting and get to work using your body. Nothing wrong with being a slut or man whore. At least you're doing something to earn that cash flow.

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