My name is Mikki Sixx...but you can just refer to me as your "Ultimate Demise." I specialize in fucking you mentally, and once I've succeeded there, I'll fuck you financially.

One look at My sweet, innocent face, and you'll trust that I could NEVER do anything to hurt you. Gaze over My huge tits and your dick will swell. And once that happens, that's where I've got you.

Blue balls equate to a fuzzy mind, so easy to manipulate and control.  What are you waiting for? Just buy a clip or two...after all, what could it hurt?

Go Big or Go Home

  • Go Big or Go Home

    It's come to My attention that I really do spend a lot of time ripping on you fatties of the world. But sometimes I have a slightly different viewpoint. Even a fat tub like you has to be good at something. That "something" just happens to be eating and gaining weight! So instead of trying to diet and exercise which is pretty moot at this point, instead I want you to amp it up. I want you to see just how big you can get for Me. Show Me just how big you can balloon for My amusement. And think, you'll never have to deny yourself any food ever!

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    • Created: 4/6/16
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    • Weight Gain
    • Humiliation
    • Feeder/Feedee

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