My name is Mikki Sixx...but you can just refer to me as your "Ultimate Demise." I specialize in fucking you mentally, and once I've succeeded there, I'll fuck you financially.

One look at My sweet, innocent face, and you'll trust that I could NEVER do anything to hurt you. Gaze over My huge tits and your dick will swell. And once that happens, that's where I've got you.

Blue balls equate to a fuzzy mind, so easy to manipulate and control.  What are you waiting for? Just buy a clip or two...after all, what could it hurt?

Cucked, Fat, and Degraded

  • Cucked, Fat, and Degraded

    This clip was done as a custom suggestion, but no names are used. Since you stopped smoking, you turned to food for comfort. And now, you're so fucking huge Goodyear may be interested in hiring you as their latest blimp. Your wife keeps feeding you more to the point no one really knows if you're a man or a woman. She fucks other men and you're too fucking fat and pathetic to do a thing about it. And to add insult to injury, she stuffs you to the gills while she enjoys keeping a normal weight. You want a cigarette, but she would rather just blow the smoke in your face as a cruel reminder of what you're not allowed to have. I'm going to blow smoke right at you, too. Maybe there are some calories in it! You define pathetic. In fact, you take it to a whole new level.

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    • Created: 5/17/14
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    • Humiliation
    • Smoking

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